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1. System Structure

Our aim is to provide brokers with a system for their facility which as far as possible is:

a. Full cycle to minimise transaction costs

Our systems provide interaction with Banking Gateways for online payments, Macquarie Premium Funding for users to pay by instalments, Broking system vendors to send and update your accounting system/s electronically, and insurers for collating and sending policy information.

In addition we provide streamlined renewal functionality to automatically notify clients of pending renewals, and pre-filling renewal information to assist clients in renewing policies quickly.

b. Simple to understand and navigate.

This is particularly important if the system is to be marketed as an online sales system , where users want the ability to get a quote quickly and save the quote for later acceptance. We also work with the broker and insurer/s to reduce the number of underwriting questions and criteria in order to streamline the process and minimise referrals.

2. Product Delivery

As we are qualified brokers we can quickly understand your requirements and translate these into a development specification.

Although the amount of development time required is dependant on the complexity of the system build, we can generally have a system ready for User Acceptance Testing in 4-6 weeks from the time the specification is agreed.

3. Hosting/Maintenance

We provide full hosting facilities which include complete disaster recovery in order to minimise system downtime. Full details of this service are available on request.

Our maintenance services are in place 24 hours a day to ensure that if and when issues arise or administration changes are required we can respond immediately.

4. Pricing

We will work with you to agree a pricing structure that suits your cash flow requirements. To this end our pricing is flexible and can include either an up front Fee, ongoing fixed fee, percentage of sales, or a combination of these options.

5. Compliance

Through our experience we will work with you and the insurer to identify compliance issues and ensure that the ultimate system is compliant with the FSRA and any other Laws relevant to the underlying products.